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Probably Not the Most Feminist Characters Ever

Here’s a list of characters that I don’t think any feminist would be proud of… Sitcom style…

None of the following sitcom characters could ever be considered the angels of feminism… they’re more like… the antagonists of feminism in media…

They’re the trio of male characters that really grind my gears…

Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men

Alan Harper suffers from “women treat me bad” syndrome… He thinks all women treat him bad… for no reason. Yet, they have plenty of reason to dislike him. He’s rude, talks down to people, a tight ass, and a penny pincher.

Ross Geller from Friends

Ross Geller is quite similar to Alan Harper. Except Ross is more of a “im always friend zoned!!!” cry baby than a “women treat me bad” cry baby. Yet again, his character flaws are glaring without many redeeming qualities. He screams constantly, has anger issues, is rude, talks down to people, and he’s wildly entitled.

Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men

Stereotypical womanizer. While not ever violent towards women, this is basically his entire character. I mean take womanizing away from Charlie Harper and all you have is an alcoholic. At least Charlie’s shit attitude towards women is straightforward unlike the little weasel Alan Harper…

Jake Harper: what do you do to get women so pissed off at you?

Charlie Harper: hard to say…


Side Note

You know who was initially portrayed as a womanizing son of a gun?

Joey Tribbiani.

You know who ended up being one of the more lovable and kind characters in the show friends?

Joey Tribbiani.

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