After Re-Watching Two and a Half Men

I have to say the show had a very short zenith…

This zenith, where the jokes were funny, the actors were all on point with their roles, and the plot line developed, only lasted for most of the 4th season and lead into the 5th season… from Charlie changing jobs from jingle writer to children’s song writer until his mom marrying Teddy.

Only between seasons 4 and leading into 5 did Two and a Half Men step away from an absolutely pure episodic format and move to a an episodic format with a continuing plot line. A continuing plot line gives the show some grounding in the real world, gives people a sense of the story moving forward, and adds some depth to the characters.

Before the 4th season Two and a Half Men was wildly episodic. There was no grounding in the real world, no real plot, and the only way you knew time was passing was because Jake the kid got older.

After the 5th season things just get weirder and weirder and more and more self indulgent. It’s like the plot line spun out of control.

From my view, that is a very short time for everything to o right. Especially when you consider Two and a Half Men went for 12 seasons… out of 12 only about 1 season was good…

Of course this is completely subjective.

It’s all from my view and people will like different seasons based on the changing comedy and such…

So basically the only seasons of Two and a Half Men worth watching? 4th and 5th seasons.

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