The Debauchery of Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men went to some raunchy and yucky places.

  • Charlie heavily made out with and then got nude with his possible step sister.
  • Charlie had sex with the daughter of one of his mother’s future husbands… So again his possible step sister.
  • Charlie had sex with Kandi and then Kandi’s mom Mandy.
  • Alan then had sex with Kandi.
  • While Judith had sex with Kandi’s dad, while Kandi lived with her.
  • Alan masturbated with a warm melon and a dog as well as played with his mother’s dbag because that’s funny somehow.
  • Charlie walked in and saw his mom doing some guy “don’t worry speed racer I’m not hurting your mom“.
  • Alan had sex with Berta’s pregnant daughter because boundaries are for suckers lol
  • Charlie also saw his mom having a threesome
  • And of course his mom did a Japanese business man because why not throw in a stereotype or two?

I mean my god, watch the very first few episodes of Two and a Half Men and compare them with the later nonsense. The first episodes had a real, if simplistic, plot. There was some meaning and some genuine care for family.

But it rapidly went downhill obviously… because all that’s left in the later seasons is sex, taboo sex, and abusive behavior… because sensationalism sells advertisements doesn’t it.

In reality, Two and a Half Men went from being a normal sitcom to being TV acceptable soft core content.

What is?

excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures.

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