River Monsters: Blood River

River Monsters: Blood River
Jeremy Wade returns to the Congo river to relive an adventure that almost ended his life when he chased two giant freshwater predators.


So it turns out River Monsters: Blood River is actually a clip show of two different River Monsters episodes that took place in the Congo. One where he was after the Goliath Tigerfish and another where he was after the Tsuni Catfish.

From what I could tell, there was zero new footage of the actual fishing. The show did include some new narration and some factoids from Jeremy¬†Wade and Jeremy’s younger brother even made an appearance on the show.

The whole ‘almost ended his life’ part mentioned in the description actually seems to refer to when Jeremy caught malaria on his original trip to the Congo… long before he started River Monsters.

To sum up the episode…

  • Jeremy recounted his fishing expeditions to the Congo in search of the Goliath Tigerfish
  • Martin Wade, Jeremy’s brother, talked about Jeremy catching malaria during their first trip to the Congo.
  • Jeremy finally catches a Goliath Tigerfish.
  • Then we get to the second half of the where Jeremy recounts his second fishing expedition where he went up the Congo in search of the Tsuni Catfish.
  • Jeremy after a long while finally catches a few Tsuni Catfish.
  • Bam, clip show over.

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