River Monsters: Monster Sized Special

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River Monsters: Monster Sized Special
S2 E1 Devil of the Deep
Jeremy Wade discovers a deep-sea devil in the waters of Peru.

So, Devil of the Deep was kind of an anticlimactic episode… we spend like 90% of the episode investigating irrelevant things and in the end only get maybe three minutes of footage of the actual ‘monster’… the Humboldt squid. It’s an especially anticlimactic episode when we remember this was supposed to be the kickoff for Monster Week.

I must say seeing that shark cemetery was quite sad. It’s just so gruesome seeing those shark heads just rotting on the beach…

But in the end we got to see some pretty creatures so that’s nice…

In another note, the Humboldt squid has been featured in two recent nature shows now. Man Eating Super Squid on Nat Geo Wild and River Monsters: Devil of the Deep on Animal Planet. It’s interesting that in both cases, the Humboldt squid was somewhat sensationalized as some kind of evil man eater.

Anyways… to recap the episode…

  • Jeremy is searching for a deep sea monster called el diablo rojo, the red devil, that has been attacking people in the seas around the Baja peninsula.
  • Jeremy catches a skipjack tuna while out in the Sea of Cortez searching for the ‘monster’ that is attacking all of these people.
  • We then get to see a beautiful striped marlin.
  • Jeremy goes off to visit the fish market / docks to see what the locals catch.
  • After noticing not a single shark on the docks, he gets a tip to visit a ‘cemetery’. Which turned out to be a shark ‘cemetery’ (a place where fishermen process their shark catches).
  • THEN.. finally, we find out the red devil is actually the Humboldt squid.
  • And off Jeremy goes to Peru and onto a fishing boat to fish for some Humboldts.
  • In the last three minutes, Jeremy catches a few Humboldts.
  • And in the last-minute, we learn that the original story of the 5 dead fisherman that started off the whole episode was a hoax… so there’s that.

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