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River Monsters: Killer Sharks and Rays

Killer Sharks and Rays is a River Monsters Special where Jeremy Wade discusses previous encounters with rays and sharks. It’s more of a clip show than anything else and honestly I’m not sure they’ve used any new footage in the making of this special.

What You’ll See in This Episode of River Monsters

  • Jeremy swimming with rays in the Amazon.
  • A short tail river stingray in Argentina whose whole body is covered in a toxin, not just the bacteria filled mucus that some stingrays have on their barb.
  • Jeremy hand lining for sharks in the Solomon Islands.
  • A Bull Shark in Florida from the episode American Killer.
  • A Bull Shark in the Breede River in South Africa from the episode Hidden Predators.
  • And a Sawfish in Australia from the episode Chainsaw Monster.


Fun fact: rays and sharks are closely related. Rays diverged from sharks some 150 million years ago.

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