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River Monsters: Terror in Paradise

In what I think is the last fully new episode of River Monsters this season (Season 8, Episode 4, Terror in Paradise), Jeremy Wade sets out to find the Lusca Monster of the Caribbean!

To Recap The Terror of Paradise

So off Jeremy goes to find the real life Lusca Monster at those mysterious blue holes of Andros… *ominous music*

Jeremy ends up looking into whether the Lusca Monster is a reef shark, a tiger shark, one of the local fish species, or… an octopus.

The octopus ends up being the most likely candidate and Jeremy flies off to the Puget Sound in Washington State to dive with a Giant Pacific Octopus… after disturbing one in its little sea den and getting to see the beautiful creature… the show ends.

The Lusca Monster that’s been blamed for disappearances and attacks seems to be an Octopus. A big, very big, octopus at that to be able to attack and consume humans. What species of octopus is growing so big and making appearances in blue holes nobody seems to know… why they’re going through the blue holes to begin with is also just guesses…

It honestly seems like we’re not really any closer to knowing for certain what people are actually seeing when they see the Lusca Monster… It seems the Lusca Monster will remain a monster for now.
But it definitely was nice to see the pretty octopuses. And I’ll tell you another thing, it’s no wonder people think of monsters when people disappear in those Blue Holes… They’re ridiculously eerie, with their extensive tunnels and nearly perfect circular shape.

Summarize for Me

The Lusca Monster seems to be a species of big a** octopus that happens to use the blue holes found around the Caribbean as a feeding place. People swim and dive in the blue holes, octopuses are powerful and hungry, bye bye people.
I think that’s about it???

Anyways, Some Information

The lusca is a name given to a sea monster reported from the Caribbean. It has been suggested by cryptozoologists that the lusca is a gigantic octopus, far larger than the known giant octopuses of the genus Enteroctopus.

Many reports of the creature are from the blue holes, off Andros, an island in the Bahamas.




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