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So I honestly could not care less about who puts what ball in what hoop… But the fact of the matter is sports are a form of art and well that’s what I talk about.

So I stumbled across something over at Rodong Simun / KCNA Watch there’s this bit of sports news that is odd enough to be mildly humorous…

DPRK players proved successful at the 2016 Asian Weightlifting Championship.
The championships held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan from April 23 to 30 brought together more than 260 men and women players from over 30 countries and regions including the DPRK, Vietnam and Thailand.
Kim Kuk Hyang came first in the jerk and second in snatch in women’s weightlifting over 75 kg category events, thus placing first in the total standings with two gold and one silver medals.
Ryang Chun Hwa came first in jerk and second in total standings in the women’s weightlifting 48 kg category events with one gold and one silver medals.
Rodong News Team

The DPRK is North Korea if you weren’t aware…

So let’s ignore how and why the DPRK has a weightlifting team.

I honestly only wonder if the North Korean athletes are happy…

Do you think they’re happy? Do you think winning will really matter to them in the long run? Or will this just be a ‘go home, get some rewards of privilege like champagne and food, but then have immense pressure to win again’ kind of thing? What happens when they stop winning…

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