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River Monsters: Secrets At Sea

A look behind the cameras of River Monsters…

Secrets at Sea (River Monsters Season 8, Episode 7)

Behind the scenes with Jeremy Wade as he faces many unforseen obstacles while producing an entire season of river monsters at sea

The Secrets at Sea episode of River Monsters contains plenty of new footage as well as interviews with Jeremy and his crew as they filmed the most recent season of River Monsters at sea.

Despite my fears of this episode of River Monsters just being another clip show like they’ve done for the past few week, Secrets at Sea actually turned out to be a pretty good episode… Secrets at Sea wasn’t exactly spectacular but what can you expect from a ‘behind the scenes’ episode.

Secrets at Sea Recap…

  • While filming the episode Devil of the Deep in Peru, Jeremy and crew talk about how they all suffered from sea sickness on the commercial fishing vessel they hired to catch Humboldt squid. Honestly though, it’s pretty unsurprising just how sick they got… that boat looks fairly small for the open sea and so many people.
  • Then we see behind the scenes footage of Jeremy’s struggles with a re-breather unit on his dive for the Oarfish and his dive to a shipwreck to see Barracuda.
  • We then hear the crew talk about their equipment troubles… You know, lugging so many $50,000 cameras around and the sea air and so on and so forth…
    Which I  honestly had zero sympathy for. That’s just how it goes… I mean, you should expect to ruin plenty of equipment when working around the water and giant fish. You should know that’s going to happen.
  • We then get some behind the scenes footage and commentary from Jeremy about Tiger Shark tagging in Australia… and we get to see the tagging team’s boat get punctured by the tiger sharks teeth again.
  • Then onto Jeremy picking up a box jellyfish with his bare hands… I’m not exactly sure how that was ‘behind the scenes’ but whatever.
  • And then the episode ends with a look at the filming of the River Monsters dramatic promo for this most recent season at sea.

All in all, it was kind of a fun episode…

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