SAG Awards @ Donald Trump


Donald Trump’s behavior is so offensive to so many that the sheer rage the American people feel overwhelms us all… so on a night when we should just be enjoying the art and artists of the world… here we are expecting our President to insult some wonderful actors.


Video of Julia Louis Dreyfus talking about Trump at SAG Awards

So yeah.

Donald Trump is going to be in a tizzy after tonight’s SAG Awards. Julia Louis Dreyfus, John Lithgow, and Bryan Cranston all made comments at Donald Trump tonight.

And considering Donald Trump has before now, apparently out of petty anger, insulted Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Meryl Streep…  I think you and I both know we should expect some petty tweets from him shortly.

Which is pathetic.

But this is the world we live in.

If we need to build any wall, it’s a wall around Trump’s pathetically fragile ego.

I was wrong! – Update 1/30/2017

As of this moment Trump hasn’t insulted any SAG awards actors today!


Let’s just hope this continues.

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  1. I mean that’s the saddest thing of all. Donald Trump hasn’t even said anything yet but it is so insanely believable that he will. Absolutely pathetic.

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