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Donald Trump – The Orange Cheeto or the White Cheddar Cheeto???



So I just came across a photo of Donald Trump that made me question my beliefs… maybe… just maybe… Donald Trump is not the orange one.

In the recent Reuters photograph below you can see what looks like natural light hitting the back of his body… the white balance looks cool but natural to me. It looks like your normal winter day with your normal photographer adjustments to get an indoor picture.

Which got me to thinking that maybe the color of the light is actually allowing us to see the “real” Donald Trump… the real shade of his bleach blonde hair, the real pale white face with bronzer on top, the real color of his skin.

I only speculate of course… photography is weird, light is weird, you can do all kinds of things.


But it is an interesting thought… that there’s a real person under the façade… and you just need the right light to see it.



Source of Reuters photo below…

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