First Lady Melania Trump’s Portrait

uh… where’s the first lady’s photographic portrait…


Out of either stupidity or absent-mindedness, I did not think to also discuss Melania Trump’s official White House portrait while I discussed Donald’s scowling golden-haired masterpiece.


So let’s do that now!

*looks at first lady’s white house page*

*thinks that can’t possibly be the photo they’re using*

Um… okay… well…


You would’ve thought somebody at the White House would’ve went “miss I think we need a better picture“. But apparently nobody did that.

So Melania Trump’s official portrait (for at least right now) is a screenshot of a previous portrait. She also doesn’t get a large high quality photo either… the photo is only 640 x 832.

Frankly, while it looks like your normal fashion magazine styled photo the size alone makes this photo worthless as an official government portrait. The hell are they going to do… order tiny lil pictures off snapfish?

Also is it just me or is there a weird de-focusing thing going on? Maybe it’s because it’s a screenshot..?

Okay whatever… the point is that it’s mildly humorous that both the President and his wife have terrible official portraits for the opposite reasons. Donald Trump’s portrait is mildly demonic in high-definition while Melania Trump’s is nice and normal in a terribly small format. Weird.


I do hope all is well in her world.


Update (4/5/2017) – Melania Trump has a new White House portrait…

See the new portrait here:



Oh by the way… Melania gave us a perfect example of the narrative power of photography…

Photography really helps captures those precious moments doesn’t it!

Update – the narrative power of photography continued

Astoundingly, Melania Trump wore a jacket with “I really don’t care. Do u?” while boarding a plane to go visit the federal government’s internment camps.

“As she boarded a plane to head to McAllen, Texas, for a surprise visit to the heart of the family separation crisis at the southern border, Melania Trump was spotted wearing a coat with these words scrawled on the back: “I really don’t care. Do U?”‘


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  1. the focus does seem off
    interesting outfit color choice for a black and white too
    super high contrast when you’d want subtlety

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