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Sean Spicer Accepts Praise From The Onion

you know where this is going… sean spicer doesn’t… but you do…


So… Sean Spicer, of lying for Donald Trump fame, has just retweeted a video from The Onion mocking him.


The original tweet from The Onion reads as follows: @SeanSpicer’s role in the Trump administration will be to provide the American public with robust and clearly articulated misinformation.

Sean Spicer’s reply as follows: You nailed it. Period!


Sean Spicer tweeted this while the nation currently has multiple protests across the country against Donald Trump’s foolish executive order creating a travel ban. That’s gross. But hey, whatever.


There is no good outcome here you know…

  1. Either Sean Spicer was gullible enough to fall for a satirical publisher’s tweet.
  2. Or he’s spending time reading a satirical publisher’s tweet about him while the nation is beyond pissed off.


The only people who are doing their jobs splendidly right now are the lawyers helping to defend the people currently trapped at this nation’s airports and The Onion.

And that’s sad.


Sean Spicer’s The Onion Tweet


The Onion’s Video mocking Sean Spicer


The Screencaps of the Video just in case…


The Onion Tweet is Still Up – Update 1/29/2017

So apparently Sean Spicer still hasn’t realized that The Onion’s tweet was mocking him..? Since the tweet is still up on his personal twitter account (not the press sec. one).


Sean Spicer Still Hasn’t Removed The Onion Tweet Mocking Him – Update 1/30/2017

I’m sorry but I’m done with this bullsquirt…

The Trump Administration apparently has no quality control whatsoever. It’s like those cheap plastic toys from China you get at the dollar store… they’re all deformed, paint chipping despite being brand new in box, and with that strong chemical smell… I miss the days of perfectly formed micro machines.


Making America great again one stupid tweet at a time.

I’m gonna join in.

Maybe if I tweet even more stupid stuff I’ll make America doubly great… BIGLY GREAT…


Sean Spicer Still Hasn’t Removed the Tweet – Update 1/31/2017

I guess being observant isn’t necessary when you’re press secretary? You just spew out what the cheeto wants you to say and that’s it?

I don’t even care anymore… it’s just simply absurd that it’s still up…


Sean Spicer Still Hasn’t Removed The Onion tweet – Update 2/1/2017

Starting up soon: “Spicer Watch”… where it’s just continuous updates of his annoying-ness.

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