Sony a6000 and Canon M6 Side by Side Comparison


Canon gave the world a Valentine’s day treat yesterday with a brand spanking new mirrorless camera, the Canon EOS M6.

And quite frankly, once I realized it did not have a viewfinder I could not help but get a little irritated. The M6 has almost no standout features over its mirrorless competitors and they couldn’t even be bothered to give you a viewfinder. The hell.

In fact… the M6 has almost identical specs as Sony’s a6000.

Sony a6000 Canon EOS M6
Image Sensor: 24 MP APS-C 24 MP APS-C
Image Dimensions: 6000 x 4000 6000 x 4000
Auto Focus Points: Phase Detection 179 Phase Detection 49
ISO Range: 100 – 25600 100 – 25600
Viewfinder: Electronic No viewfinder
WiFi: Yes Yes
Weight:  12 ounces 13 ounces
Shutter Speed: 30 – 1/4000 30 – 1/4000
Price: $550 body only $780 body only


Yeah… I may be biased… but do you see the point?

The Canon M6 and Sony a6000 are near enough to identical specs wise that it really comes down to which lenses and software you want to work with… and obviously you can purchase identical technical performance for less with Sony… sooooo…

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