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Canon Makes Incremental Updates – An Update About Updates

none of which matters very much…


For Valentine’s day Canon released three new camera bodies and a new lens. Yay.

Canon Makes Incremental Updates – The EOS M6 Mirrorless

Canon Makes Incremental Updates – The EOS Rebel T7i

Canon Makes Incremental Updates – The EOS 77D

Canon Makes Incremental Updates – the 18-55mm F4 Lens


All of Canon’s Valentine’s day updates were incremental rather than revolutionary. All of Canon’s new bodies use the same APS-C sensor and the same DIGIC 7 processor. There is absolutely no standout feature… no game changer… there’s just nothing interesting there.

Their new lens’ main improvement? A smaller form factor. Again not exactly revolutionary.

And that’s kind of irritating…

While incremental updates to products can be nice and give consumers better products at lower prices, I have increasingly gotten the impression that Canon doesn’t care anymore. Over and over they release basically the same equipment. It has been such a long time since Canon has gone Bam! *new product* and truly meant it.

They have no Sony A7R up their sleeve… they have no Fujifilm GFX 50S… they have no Sigma art lenses.

There comes a point when you can no longer continue to make small improvements to products, there comes a point when you actually have to deliver something that meets people’s needs in a greater way, there comes a point when you can’t just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Something needs to change.

I do not know when the time will come for Canon… but at the moment I can’t help but think they may have missed their chance to do something great… let’s hope they don’t miss the next one.

All I can say is that I am irked.

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