The Sony Medium Format Camera – Still Not Coming Soon


We’re at a weird place in time right now… We’re all benefiting from a resurgence in the pace of new lens and camera products… while all imaging companies have cut back on staff.


A little while ago I speculated that Sony might be working on a medium format camera, absolutely had the capability to make one, but it probably isn’t going to do so any time soon.


It seems that my general thought line has been confirmed by somebody in the know…

So far all past Sony medium format rumors from non-verified sources were incorrect. But never the less I am going to publish this because it sounds a bit more “reasonable” and I would like to kickstart a discussion on this:

Many cameras are tested and never brought to market, so this might be the case with this design. I have knowledge of a lens design that uses a new mount that will accommodate the 53×40 sensor and a shorter flange distance. 
I would like this mount to come to market, so the more you can poll people on price and design, it will help management here to make the decision.

Of course this isn’t a rumor from our trusted verified sources and that’s why you shouldn’t get too excited about that info yet. But I am certain Sony is considering all options on the table. A couple of considerations:

  1. Sony is super busy with FE lens developement and has yet paused APS-C E-mount and A-mount lens development. A commitment to a new Medium Format system would certainly make not be a good news for those waiting to get new non-FE lenses…
  2. Image quality from Full Frame cameras are already terrific. Do we really need super expensive medium format cameras that are not even “real” medium formats? Note: The 44x33mm sensor used by the Fuji GFX and Hasselblad X1D are barely close to “real” classic medium format sensor size. The sensor is also “only” 1.7x times larger than FF.
  3. The 44x33mm medium format world is a very small niche and already crowded with options (Fuji GFXHasselblad X1DPentax 645ZLeica S). So if at all Sony should really go for the much larger 54x40mm sensor?
  4. Probably a RX medium format camera with fixed lens and priced below the current GFX and X1D would be a more unique and sensible proposal?
Source:     (go vote in their poll, i'm sure they'd appreciate some feedback from photographers)


Sony is simply too busy filling out its existing full frame and APS-C product offerings to also work on an entirely new ecosystem of medium format camera bodies and lenses… which would be no small task. You can’t just pop an existing E mount lens on a new medium format camera body. Designing, tooling, training, manufacturing, distributing… it’d be a huge task for a niche product.


What I think Sony is going to do, is offer technologically advanced full frame and APS-C camera bodies. I would not be surprised to see a A7 III body with a 50 megapixel sensor or an A7R III body with a 100 megapixel sensor. A body with that many pixels would take away some of the consumers who are purchasing medium format cameras.


So, to finish up this rumor post… ultimately Sony has its hands full with its current, expanding, product line and a medium format camera just doesn’t seem necessary.

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