Sony’s High End APS-C Camera is Coming Soon

I called it!

Well, kind of…

Two reliable sources confirmed that Sony is ready to launch a new High End APS-C E-mount Camera. And both told me this: The new camera will have the EVF in the middle just like the current A7-A9 Full Frame cameras.
I have no 100% confirmed specs yet but I have been told this is a sort of mini-A9. My hope is that it will match or even beat the performance of the new and excellent Fuji X-T3. After all the X-T3 uses a Sony sensor (read more at Fujirumors).

I said that it definitely makes sense for Sony to make a higher end APS-C camera and that it would be styled more similarly to Fujifilm’s X-H1 camera… with a centered viewfinder, LCD panel on the top of the body, and multiple control dials.

I also speculated that it would be marketed as the a8 series camera because that makes perfect sense.

Sony has already used a6xx, a7, and a9.

Naming a new camera a7000 is asinine and makes it sound like it belongs in the a7 series.

But the wind seems to be blowing towards a7000!

And I am preemptively going to say I was wrong about the name…

Everything else I think I’m right about though.

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