Asiatic Lily Bulb Scam on the Amazon dot Com

Some day Amazon will be a scam free place and everyone will live in a happy and peaceful world!

That’s what I keep telling myself. lol.

But while we wait for that future, let’s prevent anyone from being scammed during this planting season!

Here’s a fun one… Eden Brother’s is a very respectable seller of bulbs and seeds so this listing must be perfectly fine right?


First problem I had was that the price did not match the one listed on Eden Brother’s website. The lilies pictured are the Starlette bulbs they sell for $16.95 for 5… Not $21.88 for 5.

Second problem, Eden Brother’s doesn’t seem to be the one selling them!

I’m actually not sure Eden Brothers sell any products through Amazon… I’ve reached out to them for clarification but a week later I still haven’t gotten a response.

Anyways, the Asiatic lilies being sold here as “Eden Brothers” are from an Amazon seller named DearBridal and seem to come from China or Hong Kong.

item was confiscated by the us customs becaue of the missing documentation

Eden brothers is based in North Carolina and their products do not have to pass through customs for domestic orders.

One of the more unfortunate things about this is that these lily bulbs are tagged as an Amazon Choice product… Giving people the impression that this product has been vetted by Amazon and is genuine.

This listing for asiatic lily bulbs genuinely seems to be a scam…

Chinese sellers push extremely low quality bulbs and seeds while improperly labeling them as coming from premium brands. 

Be careful where you order your bulbs from everyone!

As a reminder, I am not compensated for these posts in any way and do not have a business relationship with either Amazon or any sellers mentioned. I also do not know 100% that the Amazon sellers mentioned are explicit scams, all I know is their behavior is incredibly suspicious and genuinely looks like a scam.

2 thoughts on “Asiatic Lily Bulb Scam on the Amazon dot Com”

  1. I forgot to mention that $21, or $4 per bulb, is pretty harsh for asiatic lilies. A good price for asiatic lilies is about $1 a bulb and for oriental a great price is around $2 per bulb. You can get cheaper and generally lower quality asiatic and oriental lily bulbs at the grocery store for even less.
    So yeah, that’s a crappy price.

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