Lowes’ Insane Bearded Iris Pricing

Time to see some more insane pricing schemes!

This time it’s from an unexpected place… Lowes, that blue colored Home Depot few actually care about.

Lowes wants $36 for THREE bearded iris bulbs.

~ $12 a bulb is a pretty steep price to pay.

Must be a super duper new and special iris right!

Nope, not really.

It’s a very pretty, well growing, bearded iris but it’s not exactly exceptional. Breck’s sells the same iris (Champagne Elegance, an orange and white) for HALF (~$6) of what Lowes wants. So yeah, I’d double check the prices for bulbs at competitors before purchasing anything from Lowes.

This has been another entry in the book of Insane Garden Pricing Schemes.

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