Amazon Auto-Emailing Scam Lily Bulb Listings


So here we have a screenshot of an email from Amazon, auto generated from my Amazon search history, where every single thing listed is a scam product.

Which is a good example of why everyone who isn’t in marketing hates marketing so much. It’s frankly asinine a good deal of the time.

Notice how they all have “by Willard & May“…

Yeah well that’s meaningless.

These flower bulbs are sold by an Amazon Seller called “House of flowers” that is based in China.

They get horrible reviews because they basically either don’t send anything at all or they send balls of mush or their packages get confiscated by U.S. Customs.

when box arrived yesterday nothing was in it as customs intercepted the box and kept the item siting many reasons…DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY
By tink

I get the impression that the only reason that they are allowed to continue scamming people is House of flowers uses fake, or paid for, reviews to boost its over all seller rating. Because their rating is never so extremely low that it comes to Amazon’s attention, they just keep on squeaking by… A mouse stealing the fat sleeping cats food.

Although frankly that isn’t really fair.

Mice are vastly less offensive than scammers.

As a reminder, I am not compensated for these posts in any way and do not have a business relationship with either Amazon or any sellers mentioned. I also do not know 100% that the Amazon sellers mentioned are explicit scams, all I know is their behavior is incredibly suspicious and genuinely looks like a scam.

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