Image of Star Wars the Force Awakens movie poster

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer and Musings

Image of Star Wars the Force Awakens movie poster
Two minutes and thirty five seconds of next generation Star Wars.

That’s what you’ll find below.

Honestly this trailer gives me the feeling that Star Wars is pulling a Star Trek The Next Generation…

By that I mean it’s using the fantasy world (the previous Star Wars films) and then creating it’s own, new, interpretation. Like how Star Trek Next Gen focused less on the random adventures of just Spock and Kirk and became a continuing story… They created the Klingon story line and included all this new technology… they created their own Star Trek universe with groundings in the original show. I’m getting that impression from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It looks like the Star Wars story line is now going to be diverse, filled to the brim with new characters and odds and ends of plot lines.

This is actually a significant change from the previous films.

The previous films were all about a very small group of main characters and their fighting for what they viewed as right. It was male centric. It was simplistic. A good versus evil tale in space.

I highly doubt you’ll see that simplicity in the Star Wars films to come.

What we’ll see is a million and one plot lines and characters.



More characters means more marketing opportunities which means more money.

More loose plot lines means more spin offs and side stories which means more money.

While I believe these films will still be art, I feel like the spirit of that art has changed.

I feel, in this moment, that Disney has changed the spirit of Star Wars art from telling a moralistic story to merely trying to sop up as much fan’s cash as possible.

File this away, it’s an upcoming movie that we will all have to see… but i doubt my feelings will change.


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