Star Wars VIII Gets Delayed

So apparently Star Wars VIII (8) has been delayed until December 2017 from May 2017.

They’re saying this is because the director is rewriting the script to give us plebs more time with our new favorite characters (Rey, Finn, whatever).

While I think that’s true, I think it isn’t the entire truth.

My bet is that Disney didn’t like the look of releasing Star Wars VIII in May so shortly after releasing the next installment in the Star Wars universe… Rogue One. Rogue One will be the first of the new side films that will accompany the main films in the Star Wars universe. Rogue One premiers in 2016.


This is business after all and Hollywood obsesses over consumers fatigue concerning movies. Timing is everything.

Disney most likely saw this December launch of The Force Awakens as a test run to see if they could successfully show Star Wars in the holiday season and now that they see they can, they’re changing the release schedule to maximize their take $$$.

Disney most likely wants to further solidify their timing because as their output of Star Wars movies increases they will not only have to deal with the release schedule for the feature films but also for when those films go to DVD (which is an event to Hollywood all of its own). That means their will be some big Star Wars related release nearly 4 times a year as we get going here… almost 4 times a year. More like 3… One cinematic film debut per year with the release to DVD of the previous Star Wars movie and the current one most likely…

I am honestly betting that Hollywood execs are pissing themselves trying to nail down the timing for all of the Star Wars related releases coming up. There is a lot going on after all and they have to adjust as they go along and learn more about us plebs “consumer habits”.


Okay anyways, to sum up… the film has been delayed significantly but that’s not really surprising. What would’ve been surprising is if Star Wars VIII had been cancelled. Call me if that happens.


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