What We’re Probably Going to See in The New Star Trek Series

A new Star Trek TV series is supposed to come out in 2017… there really aren’t any details yet and I’m sure Hollywood executives are waiting to see how Star Trek Beyond performs before really committing to anything.

But if it does come out here are some things I’m betting we’ll see…

  • We’ll see the continued mutilation of Star Trek in the new TV series that J.J. Abrams started in the recent Star Trek movies, turning a space fantasy into just space themed violence.


  • We won’t have the cast of the recent Star Trek movies playing any of the characters in the TV series. The budget required to do that would be insane. There might be one or two of the actors though… either as special guest stars or maybe as an alternate crew in the same timeline that the main characters interact with on a few special episodes.


  • Simon Pegg. I honestly would not be surprised if he turned up in the new Star Trek TV series as one of the main characters, one of the writers, or directors. He seems like he’d be the most willing person from the current Star Trek movies to be involved with a Star Trek TV series.


  • All of the old fans will hate it and be dismissed by Hollywood as just that… old fans. I myself hate everything about the new take on Star Trek and feel it’s a complete perversion only created to drag money out of people’s wallets. The hatred will continue as space themed violence increases.


  • The new Star Trek TV series won’t be a flop… but Hollywood will be expecting a huge money maker and will be disappointed by the results. They will most likely threaten to cancel the show on multiple occasions. Hollywood probably won’t allow the new series to reach the 7 seasons the last three real Star Trek series all reached.


  • We’ll probably see something stupid or stereotypical with some popular culture worked into the show in a horribly blatant attempt to “reach” the “millennials”. We’ll see Lady Gaga or some crap like that as a character, or we’ll see an openly gay character touted as being openly gay despite the fact that a persons sexuality really never mattered in the Star Trek universe, or we’ll see more female captains introduced as auxiliary characters.


  • The captain of the ship in the new Star Trek series will be a white male.


  • More people of color will be included in the cast, but only fractionally more.


  • A weak, episodic, plot line that makes no attempt to reconcile itself with the plot lines of the previous Star Trek TV series. Instead it will be solely based off of the recent movies and Hollywood’s current feelings (just like the new Star Wars movies).

It’s going to be bad. I can feel it.
The whole recent “reboot” of Star Trek has been a disaster in my opinion. While yes it’s lovely that the Star Trek universe is still alive and kicking… I just am not willing to put up with the perversion of Star Trek into crappy space themed violence.



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