The Business of Art – Star Wars Toys Continued

Hasbro CEO and Chairman Brian Goldner discusses the company’s readiness to ship its “Star Wars” toys.

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SO! The very cheesy looking CEO of Hasbro had an interview on Bloomberg! Which works out perfectly because I just recently had that article on Star Wars toys where I happened to mention Hasbro will be one of the main beneficiaries of the new Star Wars series coming out. Initial Article: The Business of Art – Star Wars Toys $$$


Highlights !!!

– Hasbro currently makes approximately 25% percent of their sales from brands they don’t own (such as Star Wars).

– Star Wars sales are turning out to be towards the higher end of Hasbro’s initial expectations.

– Hasbro thinks the increased viewership around the world for the new Star Wars films, from new cinemas and such that have been built in emerging markets, will drive an overall increase in sales of Star Wars toys.

– Hasbro sees the toys doing well not just in the release year of the new Star War film in 2015 but also when it goes to home video in 2016.

– The increase in Star War’s movies being released by Disney will lead to an increase in demand growth for star wars toys… “we’ll have more star wars entertainment over the next five years than over the last thirty years”


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