The Chapin 20003 3-Gallon Poly Lawn – A Quick Review

This will be quick because it’s pretty straightforward.

The dang thing broke after the first use!

The package is just the tank and the spray wand… what could go wrong?
Cobwebs on the spray wand… not ominous at all…

I, just like pretty much everyone else, purchased the Chapin 20003 3-Gallon Poly Lawn sprayer because it looked straightforward and relatively cheap. On top of that, there’s only a handful of sprayers with a 3 gallon capacity.

So it made sense!

$22 and free delivery on Amazon, what could go wrong?


As I unpacked the sprayer I noticed that the spray wand had cobwebs on it.

I should have seen that as much more ominous…

Because shortly after setting the sprayer up, which really just involves you screwing a couple things together, and using it for the first time… it broke.

Now the second there’s any pressure in the tank the spray wand just does whatever it wants.

On top of that, the pumping mechanism look specifically designed to fail.

It uses very cheap plastic that will absolutely not be durable. The repetitive pump movements are definitely going to break the plastic twist lock that allows you to carry the sprayer by the handle.

So ultimately skip Chapin’s 20003 3-Gallon Poly Lawn Sprayer and pay the extra $10 for a significantly nicer one.

Update 10/27/2018

The two bits of plastic that hold the pump mechanism have bent backwards after perhaps 15 uses. The weight of three gallons stretched the plastic (you’ll see the black plastic turn white on the prongs), making it malleable, and ultimately bending so they no longer allow you to pick up the sprayer.

This sprayer genuinely seems designed to fail.

First the wand, now the pump.

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