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The Lost World: Jurassic Park lost me at the part where the daughter wanted to be grounded.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park got me back when I realized Vince Vaughn was in it. How that happened, I have no idea. Like who was sitting there going “yeah let’s get Vince Vaughn for the nutjob photographer/activist”. But whoever that was, did a good job. Vince Vaughn brought something to this film that Jeff Goldblum couldn’t.

Ultimately I think The Lost World is under-appreciated. It’s not that bad. It isn’t good, but it’s not bad.

It goes into depth where the first Jurassic Park skipped over and provides the blueprint, for better or worse, for Jurassic Park III. We get a look at John Hammond’s intentions, and better understanding of how InGen operated, and the world of Jurassic Park gets more fleshed out.
However, maybe that’s why people dislike it so much. There’s a lot more information, and the movie isn’t as sensational as the original Jurassic Park. The original Jurassic Park was action packed while The Lost World has a different kind of action going on. There’s still plenty of action, but it just isn’t the same.]

And on another note the father daughter relationship, between Ian Malcom and his daughter, is pretty weird. Like what child wants to be grounded? And the whole “Ian Malcom is a shitty person and marries and divorces everyone” is a little over done. But whatever.

I think The Lost World goes well with the other two films and will probably go well with this upcoming Jurassic Park.

Prepare yourselves for a future Jurassic Park marathon friends!


Ian Malcom: You went from capitalist to naturalist in four years.

John Hammond: Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive you know

Ian Malcom: Ohhh ahhh…
That’s how it always starts…
But then later there’s running…
And screaming.

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  1. If I remember right Vince Vaughn was a newbie actor at that point
    So maybe they didn’t even realize they had a great actor when they hired him

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