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Wildest Latin America – The Pantanal!

Wildest Latin America – The Pantanal! 

Currently on Netflix – As of 03/14/2015

This episode of Wildest Latina America takes us to the Pantanal region of Brazil, which is mostly inside the state of Matto Grosso do Sol.

The Pantanal is the worlds largest wetland (about the size of Britain), and is spread out over 75,000 amazing square miles.

The Pantanal is now approximately 95% privately owned and is home to 8 million cattle (according to the Wildest Latin America people). And just so you know, despite all of that cattle, the Pantanal is not the home of Brazil’s cowboys. That honor goes to the Southern Brazillian state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Anyways, the Pantanal has a huge variety of wildlife. In this episode you’ll see beautiful Macaws, Red and Green Macaws (which are one of the heaviest in the world), Parakeets, Jaguars, Caiman, and the amazing Giant River Otters.

This is a great episode for anybody who loves Otters or misses Brazil.

This episode should be okay for children and sensitive people.

Wildest Latin America (2012)

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Wildest Latin America is still available to stream on Netflix as of 06/07/2015!

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