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Wildest Latin America – Patagonia!

Wildest Latin America – Patagonia!


Currently on Netflix – As of 03/14/2015

The next episode of the Wildest Latin America series takes us to Patagonia, a desolate and nearly deserted region that makes up the southern tip of South America (covering parts of Chile and Argentina). Patagonia is very dry, yet winter lasts about half the year leading to some very interesting ecosystems and creatures. About one-fifth of the entire worlds fish catch comes from the productive waters surrounding Patagonia.

In this episode you’ll see Sea Lions, Orcas preying on Sea Lions (you’ll see the Orca’s beaching technique), Beavers that were imported to Patagonia to create a fur trade, Woodpeckers that are struggling because of the population explosion of the beavers, FlamingosPumas, Grey foxes, Andean Condors, Elephant Seals, Patagonian Skunks, and Armadillos.

Warning: This episode may not be child safe or safe for sensitive individuals. There’s some rather bloody  scenes involving the Elephant Seals.


Wildest Latin America (2012)

Episode One – Amazon: One Jungle, Many Worlds

Episode Two – Patagonia: The Ends of the Earth

Episode Three – Venezuela: The Wild Treasures of El Dorado

Episode Four – The Pantanal: Brazil’s Wild Heart

Episode Five – The Andes: World in the Clouds



Wildest Latin America is still available to stream on Netflix as of 06/07/2015!

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