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Wildest Latin America – The Amazon

Wildest Latin America – Amazon: One Jungle, Many Worlds  

Currently on Netflix – As of 03/14/2015



These “Wildest….” programs are simply the best wildlife/anthropology series that has been made to date. The narration is factual and thoughtful, without any annoying host personality contaminating the imagery and editorializing with self-important rhetoric. Just stellar documentation and stunning footage. Loved all episodes so far. – Netflix Review


In the first episode of the series Wildest Latin America we start off learning that the Amazon rain forest contains one-third of all the species on earth, it contains one-third of all the birds, and a new species is discovered every three days! There are also more species of fish in the Amazon river system than there are in the oceans! FUN FACTS HUH.


In this episode you’ll see Harpy Eagles, monkeys, Sloths, Army Ants, Ant Birds, Bullfrogs, Stick Insects, and Jaguars.

Fun Facts

Army Ant colonies can consist of 2 million individuals and can collect 100,000 prey items a day!

Sloths only defecate once a week and can have algae growing in their fur….

For you naturalists, biologists, and anthropologists out there… this nature documentary is for you. It’s on Netflix and is great to relax to.

This episode isn’t gore-y or have extended hunting scenes, so is probably safe for kids and more sensitive viewers.



Wildest Latin America (2012)

Episode One – Amazon: One Jungle, Many Worlds

Episode Two – Patagonia: The Ends of the Earth

Episode Three – Venezuela: The Wild Treasures of El Dorado

Episode Four – The Pantanal: Brazil’s Wild Heart

Episode Five – The Andes: World in the Clouds


Wildest Latin America is still available to stream on Netflix as of 06/07/2015!

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