The President’s Book Club – The Insights of Omarosa

For a man who obsesses over loyalty and subservience… it’s quite surprising that he has hired an insane number of people who have left him a short time later.

Some of those people have now written books, monetizing their publicity from being in the Federal Government.

One of those people is Omarosa Manigault Newman… the former… something, no idea what… in the White House. Possibly former wedding planner or token minority for a predominantly old white man White House.

Her book Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House has turned out to be one of the most insightful and somewhat sensational of all the books published so far concerning the Trump Administration.

While everyone turns to Woodward’s book Fear for fact, you turn to Omarosa for insight.

Insight such as these shocking bits…

If you wanted a serious suggestion from the president’s book club… Omarosa’s book Unhinged is it.

Currently $17 on Amazon (

Coming up next on the president’s book club reading list… Stormy Daniel’s book Full Disclosure… where she supposedly goes into excruciating detail about her sexual escapades with Donald Trump.


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