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‘The Ultimate Guide to Star Trek’s’ Single Lonely Review

i base all of my decisions off of amazon reviews because they are always truthful… just kidding…

While going through the numerous versions of Star Trek The Original Series Blu-Ray / DVD’s available on Amazon… I came across a little blurb / ad thing for The Ultimate Guide to Star Trek… Seeing as it had a single, one star, review I had to read it.

Space: The Final Frontier. Since the original series began in 1966, Star Trek has captured the imaginations of Americans and stimulated our curiosity about worlds and galaxies beyond our own. The show expertly took on many hot button issues of its day and addressed them with science fiction metaphors. This approach hooked fans in with its utopian vision of united humanity exploring the stars. Today, new Trekkies are being initiated into the Star Trek fandom with the release of new movies. You may think you are already the ultimate Star Trek fan, but have you ever wondered how the Vulcan greeting came to be? Or who did (and didn’t) get along behind the scenes of the USS Enterprise? Enter The Ultimate Guide to Star Trek, your personal guide to the shows, cast, crew and worlds that they explored.

The Ultimate Guide to Star Trek chronologically explores the productions and fandom of Star Trek. We begin with the three-year run of the original series with stars William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Spock. Next we lead into the six major motion pictures of the 20th century and second generation of television series. Finally, we survey the current Star Trek major motion picture franchise with stars like Chris Pine and director J.J. Abrams. This 50th anniversary collector’s edition includes new photos from the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie and opens with an introduction by the film’s cowriter and Scotty 2.0, Simon Pegg.


Okay… sounds a little interesting… kind of…

Now onto that single, one star, review!

By Amazon Customer on July 16, 2016
Format: Paperback
This is the biggest slap in the face and waste of money ever. I tried to post this to EW’s Facebook page but I guess this will have to do. Ultimate Guide? Oh sure, except the book skims through the original series, barely talk about the next generation, and ALL BUT IGNORE DS9, Enterprise, and Voyager! No joking! What they don’t deserve more than a blurb? This would have been ok if you hadn’t called it “The Ultimate Guide”. I have have never been more upset to spend $13 on something in my life.Get the Newsweek tribute they did it a lot better,

Oh snap!

While I have no idea if the review is honest since I have yet to read the book… The review does ring home on the whole ‘people putting out Star Trek products to make money instead of because they like Star Trek‘ thing that we have going on nowadays.

I mentioned previously that the new Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond, is reaching a new and ridiculous point of commercialism for a scifi movie by including what are basically advertisements for HP Enterprises’ future products. And while that certainly pisses me off before even seeing the film, I feel that more Star Trek fans will join me in the pissed-off-ness after they see it.

And I think, as it becomes increasingly clear to fans that the new Star Trek films and the products stemming from it are more about taking fan’s money than any kind of love for the general ideas of Star Trek… that pissed-off-ness is only going to grow.

I think right now, we’re getting a glimpse at the future of Star Trek.


“He’s up there now going around every 90 minutes looking down saying, ‘What have you done to my show?’”

– Majel Barrett, wife of Gene Rodenberry and Enterprise Computer Voice.

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