The Worst News Ever – More Avatar Movies

This week, film director James Cameron announced that he will be making four sequels to his 2009 box-office smash Avatar.

Following in the hallowed footsteps of other filmmakers who sought to unnecessarily increase the number of installments that a story really needs, Cameron decided to go big. “He first envisioned two sequels,” Variety reported. “But after meeting with a team of four screenwriters and a group of ‘some of the top artists and designers in the world,’ he realized that he had way too much material for just two films.” Clearly, no one has told the great filmmakers of our day about killing your darlings.

This is just what the world needs! More Avatar films! A sequel isn’t enough you know… we have to pull a Star Wars and make a buttload of new films.

Honestly, Avatar is one of the most shallow and boring movies I have ever watched. The entire movie seemed to be more focused on its own graphics than on any kind of plot line.
It was just this big joke to me… it’s like people had paid $13 per person to demo some 3D glasses… not to you know, enjoy a story.

And here we go again… FOUR more films… smdh.

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