Will CSI Las Vegas Ever be on Netflix?

No, it won’t.
CSI Las Vegas is currently only available for streaming at Hulu… and of course you can purchase physical copies on Amazon if you’d like.

I really doubt that CBS will ever come down in price to a level that Netflix would be okay paying.

For one thing, my bet is that the interest in CSI Las Vegas is waning and Netflix knows it.
Couple that with CBS’ desire to continue milking their cash cow…
And you’ve got the recipe for a deal that will never happen.

Oh well. Just another example of Hollywood being stupid…

7 thoughts on “Will CSI Las Vegas Ever be on Netflix?

    1. Hulu does indeed suck… and they do only show five episodes for shows that are still airing and that they want you to watch on TV (so they can get all the $$$).
      But for CSI, Hulu has (or had) every single season and every episode available for streaming.

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