Things You Do Not Need as a Photographer – Automotive SD Cards


As a photographer, you absolutely do not need an SD card designed for industrial and automotive applications.


Do you know why?

Because they were designed for industrial and automotive applications and not your camera. You do not need these SD cards.


Both the automotive and industrial SD cards have lower rated speeds (Write 50MB/s  / Read 80MB/s) than something that is clearly meant for photography and videography like Sandisk’s Extreme Pro SD cards (Write 90 MB/s / Read 95MB/s).


The other thing that these SD cards might offer you as a photographer is their ability to hold up to severe temperatures…


But you know what… Even if you were to think you’re legitimately going to experience -40 F temperatures… You would not be able to operate your DSLR safely.


There is no interchangeable lens camera that I know of that can withstand negative temperatures. They are all rated around 18 or 32°F degrees minimum and 100°F maximum


For example the Canon EOS 7D Mark II is rated for 32 to 104°F temperatures while the Sony a9 is rated for the same temperature.


While I have used a DSLR in 12 degree weather. It was extremely unpleasant, no humidity, and short in duration. You would not believe how painful it is to hold a camera body and lens to your skin in those kinds of temperatures.


Oh and DSLR lenses aren’t rated for those kinds of temperatures either.


These SD cards are optimized to allow them to work with automotive and industrial software, they are meant to operate in sustained high and low temperatures, and are meant to have reliable read / write speeds, while having some longevity.

None of these optimizations were meant for you, a photographer. They were meant for companies that can pay the significant premium that these SD cards will likely command.


Do not try to put one of these SD cards in your camera. These SD cards were not designed for your camera.


* Just because a photography site posted what is basically an advertisement by Sandisk for auto and industrial companies does not mean you should try to use them. *

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