Alternatives to The Art of the Donald: Lessons from America’s Philosopher-in-chief

let’s get you some real lessons… not swindler bullsquirt…


Let’s face facts, Burger King is better for you than anything Donald Trump does or says is good. The Art of the Donald is an example of this fact. That book is not going to give you any lessons. It is not going to help you in any way. It is devoid of substance. The entire book is merely meant to monetize Donald Trump’s presidency.


So how about we skip that nonsense and get you something with substance…



Brand New and ModernElectric Arches by Eve L Ewing


Electric Arches is an imaginative exploration of Black girlhood and womanhood through poetry, visual art, and narrative prose.

Blending stark realism with the surreal and fantastic, Eve L. Ewing’s narrative takes us from the streets of 1990s Chicago to an unspecified future, deftly navigating the boundaries of space, time, and reality. Ewing imagines familiar figures in magical circumstances―blues legend Koko Taylor is a tall-tale hero; LeBron James travels through time and encounters his teenage self. She identifies everyday objects―hair moisturizer, a spiral notebook―as precious icons.

Her visual art is spare, playful, and poignant―a cereal box decoder ring that allows the wearer to understand what Black girls are saying; a teacher’s angry, subversive message scrawled on the chalkboard. Electric Arches invites fresh conversations about race, gender, the city, identity, and the joy and pain of growing up.

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Electric Arches is the most unique book I could recommend to you right now and definitely something Donald Trump would never read.

Not that I’m entirely sure he can read.

Regardless… give it a chance.




Famous and Interesting – A Wild Sheep Chase: A Novel by Haruki Murakami


A marvelous hybrid of mythology and mystery, A Wild Sheep Chase is the extraordinary literary thriller that launched Haruki Murakami’s international reputation.

It begins simply enough: A twenty-something advertising executive receives a postcard from a friend, and casually appropriates the image for an insurance company’s advertisement. What he doesn’t realize is that included in the pastoral scene is a mutant sheep with a star on its back, and in using this photo he has unwittingly captured the attention of a man in black who offers a menacing ultimatum: find the sheep or face dire consequences. Thus begins a surreal and elaborate quest that takes our hero from the urban haunts of Tokyo to the remote and snowy mountains of northern Japan, where he confronts not only the mythological sheep, but the confines of tradition and the demons deep within himself. Quirky and utterly captivating, A Wild Sheep Chase is Murakami at his astounding best.

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A Wild Sheep Chase is actually part of a series called Trilogy of the Rat. Hear the Wind Sing, Pinball, 1973, and A Wild Sheep Chase make up the trilogy.

They’re some of the first books written by Murakami… Murakami reportedly considers the first two books works of immature writing with A Wild Sheep Chase being the first book that Murakami felt was worthwhile.




How About Some History – The Once and Future King: The Rise of Crown Government in America by F.H. Buckley


This remarkable book shatters just about every myth surrounding American government, the Constitution, and the Founding Fathers, and offers the clearest warning about the alarming rise of one-man rule in the age of Obama.

Most Americans believe that this country uniquely protects liberty, that it does so because of its Constitution, and that for this our thanks must go to the Founders, at their Convention in Philadelphia in 1787.

F. H. Buckley’s book debunks all these myths. America isn’t the freest country around, according to the think tanks that study these things. And it’s not the Constitution that made it free, since parliamentary regimes are generally freer than presidential ones. Finally, what we think of as the Constitution, with its separation of powers, was not what the Founders had in mind. What they expected was a country in which Congress would dominate the government, and in which the president would play a much smaller role.

Sadly, that’s not the government we have today. What we have instead is what Buckley calls Crown government: the rule of an all-powerful president. The country began in a revolt against one king, and today we see the dawn of a new kind of monarchy. What we have is what Founder George Mason called an “elective monarchy,” which he thought would be worse than the real thing.

Much of this is irreversible. Constitutional amendments to redress the balance of power are extremely unlikely, and most Americans seem to have accepted, and even welcomed, Crown government. The way back lies through Congress, and Buckley suggests feasible reforms that it might adopt, to regain the authority and respect it has squandered.

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If you wanted substance… here it is. You will learn vastly more from The Once and Future King then you will from anything about Donald Trump.


There are entire worlds out there waiting for you. There is life and beauty despite humanity being a massive hell-hole. There’s much for you to explore beyond our genital grabber in chief and the politics that surround him.

Expand your mind.

Leave us versus them thinking behind.

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