Update on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Photo



It may seem like an eternity ago… but do you remember that photo the White House put up of Donald Trump’s crowd?


Yeah well it originally had the wrong date printed on it… it had the 21st printed when the inauguration happened on the 20th.


It seems that they’ve finally gotten around to fixing it…


They wrote in 20 but left the st.




How incompetent do you have to be to make a correction that doesn’t correct anything?


That photograph was already a joke meant to mollify Trump’s insatiable demand to be the best and get the most attention. It is now even more of a joke than before. Which I wasn’t aware was possible.


I honestly don’t know how anybody will be able to use that photograph in a serious historical context anymore. The only way it could be used is with some pretty insane notes explaining how the President was obsessed with it and actively lied about it to make himself feel better.


In the decades to come kids will be flipping through US history books going from one serious photograph of Abraham Lincoln to JFK to Ronald Reagan… all with serious historical substance… only to reach Donald Trump… to find incredibly vapid and petty photographs with no substance whatsoever. The inauguration photo will surely be one of them.


And ultimately it will all be an aberration, an insane addition, a jarring section in a book of substance.


Kids will not understand how somebody so emotionally unstable and incompetent could be the President of the United States. Nothing we do will be able to diminish just how petty and insane his entire administration has been and will be. It’s surreal to even think about what a chapter on Donald Trump would even talk about.


But here we are.

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