Another Book Recommendation from the President of the United States !!!

this is exciting !



It isn’t.


America’s genital grabber in chief has made another book recommendation on Twitter! This time instead of pimping out his abusive friend “Sheriff Clarke’s” book he’s pimping out The Art of the Donald.


Wow a book about himself.

Who could’ve ever seen that coming.

As if he can even read.




The Art of the Donald is a 272 page book of nonsensical bullsquirt meant to make money off of Donald Trump’s fame as the President of the United States. An idiotic book that requires no effort to make is politicians and celebrities favorite way to monetize the free media they get because of their jobs.



It’s unsurprising that this book exists and I wouldn’t be surprised to find more books monetizing Donald Trump’s position in the coming years. Donald Trump will, I’m sure, promote those books on twitter as well.


I can hardly wait.

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