The Balrog Durins Bane, flame of Urun, in the mines of Moria.

Things We Need in Fantasy Literature

I think we need new fantasy series, based off the old fantasy worlds these author’s created. It’d be a shame to let these worlds die.

1. A Harry Potter series based on a girl starting school at the Salem Witches Institute. Think, we could have all kinds of magical adventures again but this time without some crazy snake-man nutjob trying to kill everybody.

2. A Wheel of Time series featuring Mat as the now Emperor of Seanchan and General of the Ever Victorious Army… So much to explore. New creatures. Reconquering Seanchan for Tuon (now Empress Fortuona). Conquering the lands of the dead. Palace intrigue. The resurfacing of greymen in Seanchan, trying to kill Mat, but this sets of a search for Rand out of worry that the dark one is gaining power again. The possibilities for adventure are endless! Get Brandon Sanderson’s butt on this right now!

3. A new Lord of the Rings type series. I have no idea who could write such a series appropriately, but I do not think J.R.R. Tolkien’s world should be left to die. I think there’s a lot left to be explored and a huge audience craving that exploration. Personally I’d enjoy a story where Balrogs were better explained and used, but like I said I’m not sure where this series would venture off to. I just know a new adventure should begin.

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