The fictional Dr. Timothy Darrow in the Animal Planet mockumentary Cannibal in the Jungle.

To Reiterate!

Dr. Timothy Darrow…

Is not real.

Dr. Timothy Darrow is a completely fictional character created for the Animal Planet mockumentary Cannibal in the Jungle.

Y’all won’t find him cited anywhere or find a wiki page.

12 thoughts on “ To Reiterate!

  1. You woukdve thought they’d at least make a wiki entry saying Timothy Darrow is fictional. Thanks a lot animal planet.

  2. I hate it! I have no problem with fake-stuff, as long as it is made clear – from the beginning! I don’t want to waste my time with fake shows like this. They should spend their money in real stuff. But I guess, research is to complicated.

    1. Plus the truth is generally never as sensational…
      What’s better, a vicious giant sloth slashing animals with its big claws or just this boring slow sloth that walks around eating leaves?
      As a Tv exec. you want the most sensational story you can get.
      Sensationalism brings eyeballs and eyeballs brings you $$$$$

    1. I understand that feeling… Animal Planet really needs to treat its viewers better. They act like everything is just a game, when all viewers want to do is enjoy some nature.

  3. I was half way through the show when I googled Tim Darrow. I knew it couldn’t be real! But I was still disappointed when it was confirmed as fake.

  4. I embarrassed myself by insisting it was real before I checked it out! Know I’ll never believe anything is real again!

    1. You’re in good company… It’s happened to a lot of people. That’s the real problem with mockumentaries… they never bother to tell viewers if it’s real or not.

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