I Told You About the FTC’s Endorsement Policies… I Told You…

what did i say… come on guys… stop promoting makeups as if you werent paid six figures to do so…


Earlier this week I mentioned that Pewdiepie may very well be violating FTC guidelines about disclosing material connections with companies / promoters because of a tweet about Asus monitors…

I took it as an opportunity to try to help others avoid making the mistake many current celebrities make when promoting products without disclosing to fans that they’re compensated to do so.

The FTC is taking note…

U.S. truth-in-advertising enforcers have sent letters to supermodel Naomi Campbell, actresses Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Hudgens and other celebrities asking whether they have paid deals to endorse products on the photo-sharing app Instagram.

The letters sent by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to 21 people with large Instagram followings represent an escalation of the agency’s interest in so-called social media “influencers.”

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook Inc, has seen a sharp increase in recent years in promotions of products and services by famous people, often without disclosures of whether there was an endorsement deal.

Celebrities have talked up clothing brands, food, alcohol, spa treatments and a wide array of other items.

Source: http://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKCN1BO2TE


Like I said then… This is not a joke. It is important that you be honest about your commercial relationships.

This is serious and one of the instances in life that determines who you are as a person.

This is an opportunity for you to do the right thing.


If you're an artist or general personality read up here: 



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