Where to Watch Star Trek The Next Generation

Where can you stream Star Trek The Next Generation?

I’ll tell you where…


Hulu (Good)

Hulu currently offers all 7 seasons of Star Trek The Next Generation as part of its paid streaming service.

The problem is these episodes are the non-remastered versions of Star Trek The Next Generation. While they are streamed in “HD” for season 1 and 2, seasons 3 through 7 are like watching CRT TV again.



Netflix (Better)

Netflix like Hulu currently offers all seven seasons of Star Trek The Next Generation as part of its paid streaming service. While supposedly some of Netflix’s Star Trek The Next Generation episodes are HD remasters instead of standard definition episodes… I’ve yet to find them in the catalog. The quality is similar to Hulu’s.



Amazon Prime (Best)

If you have Amazon Prime, you have access to Amazon Video (you can get the app on Xbox). No need to pay, it’s included in your Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Video currently has all seven seasons of Star Trek The Next Generation in true remastered HD.

And I mean HD.

Amazing color, amazing definition, who knew Picard’s face wasn’t just a blur???

If you are going to stream Star Trek The Next Generation you need to stream it through Amazon Video.

You’ll thank me later.





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