Where to Stream Monk

Streaming Availability

Amazon Prime Video - Can be streamed, must purchase first.

YouTube -  Can be streamed, must purchase first.

Google Play -  Can be streamed, must purchase first.

Hulu - Not available.

Netflix - Not available.


You can stream Monk on Amazon Prime…

Monk is not available on Hulu or Netflix.

However, you have to purchase Monk on Amazon Prime to be able to stream it. All 8 seasons are available for purchase.


And here’s the thing…

They offer two versions of the Monk tv show on Amazon Prime Video…

A Standard Definition (SD) for $19.99 and a High Definition (HD) version for $29.99

I could not find ANY DIFFERENCE between the SD and HD versions. At least in the early seasons there is no visible difference.

Do not waste your money, purchase the SD version.

As Monk would say, you’ll thank me later.


Update (11/25/2016)

Monk is still only available to stream on Amazon Prime Video if you purchase the digital version from them.

Hulu and Netflix both still do not have Monk available for streaming in the US.

Amazon is your only option if you’d like to watch Monk *right now* and not wait for DVDs in the mail or hope to stumble across an old DVD box at Best Buy.

Curiously, Hulu does actually have Monk available for streaming… but only in Japan.


*changed some of the wording in the original article to try to be more clear.




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