Donald Trump’s Book Club – The Faith of Donald Trump

he’s back at it again! our dear leader learning us all some stuff!


Donald Trump has another suggestion for his book club! And unlike Oprah’s book club, his is HUGE and AMAZING. So you better read up.



Side note: plug

mentioning a product, service, event, or business publicly in order to promote it


Oh Donald, you rascal! That’s another book about yourself isn’t it! Ha ha ha he’s so charming. Gotta love his endless self promotion.



The Book


I am not going to waste my money on a book like this… And I’ll tell you why…

From the Back Cover
Donald Trump seems to be on a spiritual voyage that has accelerated greatly in the past few years. That journey has been very public and yet very private, mocked by his enemies and admired by his friends.

Now David Brody and Scott Lamb have reconstructed that journey, based on extensive interviews with President Trump himself and those closest to him, including Vice President Mike Pence.

As James Robison, a spiritual counselor and friend to the president, has told the authors: “God uses imperfect people to accomplish His perfect will. He always has and always will.” Trump won over evangelicals not by pandering to them, but by supporting them and all their most important issues without pretending to be someone he’s not. Though the forty-fifth president is far from the likeliest vessel—he has been married three times—his supporters argued that Donald Trump may be just what America needs. From his Protestant confirmation in Jamaica, Queens, through the wild ride of the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s, and concluding with the laying on of hands in the Oval Office, The Faith of Donald J. Trump demonstrates how he has surrounded himself with believers who think he is the one guiding figure who can return us to the traditional values—hard work, discipline, duty, respect, and faith—that have long been the foundation of American life, and truly make America great again in all ways.

Donald J. Trump was raised as a Presbyterian and has praised both Christianity and the primacy of the Bible. In the Oval Office, he has surrounded himself with close advisers who share his deep faith. Throughout the book the authors chronicle his policies and guidelines that show him to be someone who evangelicals believe is standing up for traditional Judeo-Christian principles.



To me… it genuinely sounds like a book written by people who only want to see what they want to see. It does not sound like a genuine examination of Trump and his actions… but rather a book that is meant to promote a specific world view to the benefit of specific people.


close advisers who share his deep faith

What an astonishing thing to write. Especially considering there are very few actions taken by Trump & Gang that have displayed any of the hallmarks of Christianity.

Instead, their actions have been cruel and amoral at best.


Anyways, this is just another book trying to manipulate people into seeing what the authors would like them to see while making money at the same time. The world is filled with books like this now… mostly from ‘pundits’, news entertainers, and politicians. Books like this are not an issue of one political side versus another. It is not “all republicans / democrats are liars”. You do the world no favors by claiming otherwise.


This is exclusively about the intellectually lazy pundits, reporters, and entertainers, trying to benefit themselves as much as possible.


I would hope that at some point society will stop glorifying asinine money-making books like this and view them as what they are… biased, lazy, and definitely not meant to be your only source of information.



Buy now and save 40%!

Apparently this is genuinely Amazon’s low price and before it really was $25… sooo… If you’re going to buy it, buy it.






Unfortunately, people have taken it upon themselves to review the book (giving it 1 star) simply because it’s associated with Trump & Gang.


Apparently these people either don’t care or don’t understand that they’re making the people who supported Trump in the first place resent their arrogant attitudes even more. They are not hurting Trump, merely themselves.


At the same time, the “verified purchase” reviews are just as odd. They’re all five stars and mention the same things…


This is one of those times I wish Amazon would just remove the reviews entirely. They’re all suspicious and unhelpful.





I think it’s important we reflect on the motivations behind Trump & Gang making a plug like this…


  • Trump & Gang could be exchanging favors, plug my book for no bad press (yes it does happen… one of the reasons ‘morning shows’ exist is to market products / media in exchange for $$$ and favors)
  • Trump & Gang could be trying to use the book to promote a different image of Trump
  • Trump or Trump associates could have a financial interest in the book


I have no idea why Trump & Gang actually plugged the book but we can’t just write it off as “ha ha he loves himself”. Not bothering to think beyond the obvious only hurts society… malicious individuals take advantage of thinking like that to use and abuse.



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