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Im Sorry But Perrin Aybara Aint That Great

Im sorry but ALL of Perrin’s scenes in Towers of Midnight are RIDICULOUSLY boring.

What worse is that he makes up a shockingly fat part of the book!?

I just want to scream shut up shut up shut UP.

With all his “growing up” and facing stuff… UGH. It’s all very angsty and exhausting.

It’s like his character has actually regressed from the responsible person he was before this book so that he could have some kind of growing up experience in this book. He was rewritten to be rewritten!

I am exhausted.

Like the white cloaks drama just drags on and on and on. And then rescuing the white cloaks isn’t even that great of a moment either. The only enjoyable part with Perrin in it is near the end when he talks with Mat for like five seconds. Who doesn’t love a good badger.

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