Dr Timothy Darrow on his bird expedition on the Indonesian island of Flores.

Was Timothy Darrow Real?

Is Timothy Darrow Real?


Timothy Darrow is completely fictional. There is no scientist named Timothy Darrow, who went to Indonesia, and found cannibal hobbit men. NO SUCH THING.

Timothy Darrow is not in jail in Indonesia. Because he doesn’t exist.

Discovery and Animal Planet were being facetious when making this fake documentary (mockumentary).

That’s why there is no wikipedia entry for Timothy Darrow and that’s why there are no records of him.

His sister, Susan Clemens is also not real.

The cannibals in Indonesia, are also not real. The hobbit men are however based on a real part of human lineage… Homo Floresiensis.



Read More on the Fake Documentary Cannibal in the Jungle and Timothy Darrow Here:

The Cannibal in the Jungle

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To Reiterate!

The Hobbit Men of Indonesia!


Update 01/04/2016

New images of Timothy Darrow and the fake documentary The Cannibal in the Jungle were added…

Update 07/06/2016

Corrected the language on one of the fake newspaper clippings from German to Dutch.

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11 thoughts on “Was Timothy Darrow Real?

    1. A lot of people did.
      I did.
      Before The Cannibal in The Jungle premiered last Spring, the commercials made it appear to be a documentary that simply used actors to retell the story more dramatically…
      But then i watched the premier and discovered The Cannibal in the Jungle was nothing more than some kind of scientific fan fiction.

    2. They want you to believe it’s not real so nobody goes out looking for them why would tribes people say who they are what they’re called and what they eat and how come they don’t see how Timothy darrow I know I spelt it wrong but they didn’t say how he died there is no record of how he died and I find that a little wired that’s what I was looking into I want to know what he died of nine months before this film was supposably found and why wouldn’t have looked at the film when they found the camcorder with him on him you can’t make up in a lab or thing like that on the seven usually don’t got the money for that stuff

  1. Thank You so much for this great summary! I saw the ‘documentation’ last night and obviously overslept the ‘fake’-declaration at the end. All day long I wondered: ‘it must be fake – it seemed so real – no this must be fake….’ 😉 – However: Great movie!
    Just one slight criticism: The fake clipping of the newspaper isn’t german but dutch.
    But again 1000 ThanX (otherwise I propably wondered 4ever;)!

    1. You’re most welcome! Years ago, I felt somebody had to talk about stuff like this so why not me.
      And a few other people have caught that about the newspaper too…

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