Dr Timothy Darrow during his prison sentence in Indonesia.

Wikipedia Entry For Dr Timothy Darrow

Early Life

Dr. Timothy Darrow grew up in America and was fascinated by birds. Timothy Darrow grew up with his sister Susan Clemens and according to her he was really a delightful boy.

Timothy Darrow then attended college where he became a scientist and subsequently a doctor.

Dr Timothy Darrow as a young child.




Later Life

In his later life, Dr Timothy Darrow led an expedition to the Indonesian island of Flores, which I coincidentally hear is a delightful place, to study the native birds.

He was then caught in the elaborate trap of the islands secret hobbit men inhabitants! These hobbit men killed and cannibalized his two exploration partners. Supposedly these hobbit like creatures were the Ebu Gogo of Indonesia…

Ebu Gogo are a group of human-like creatures that appear in the mythology of the people of the island of Flores, Indonesia. In the Nage language of central Flores, ebu means ‘grandmother’ and gogo means ‘he who eats anything’.

The Ebu Gogo are described as small, nasty people with a voracious appetite that sometimes included the devouring of the occasional human baby. Ebu Gogo have hair covered bodies, longish arms, big bellies and protruding ears. They were said to walk awkwardly and could be heard murmuring in their own language and were said to be capable of mimicking human speech.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebu_gogo

Dr Timothy Darrow on his bird expedition on the Indonesian island of Flores.


Dr Timothy Darrow was then caught by the police and stood trial for the murder of his two exploration partners.

He was then branded as “The American Cannibal” by the press during the trial.

Dr. Timothy Darrow tried to defend himself by claiming a mythic human-ape like creature was responsible for the murders of his two exploration partners in the jungles of Flores.

He was later convicted of the murders and subsequent eating of his partners. He is still in prison in Indonesia.

Dr. Darrow’s findings concerning these cannibalistic, hobbit like, creatures was never independently verified nor has there ever been any more sightings of them on Flores.




There was significant controversy over Dr Timothy Darrow’s story of hobbit men eating his partners because:

  1. Homo Floresiensis, the Hobbit men of Flores, is not known to be alive. It’s thought that Homo Floresiensis went extinct a long time ago.
  2. Dr Timothy Darrow is not a real person.
  3. Animal Planet has tricked you.
  4. That’s why there was no wikipedia entry.
  5. Animal Planet produced this mockumentary by mishmashing local legends of hobbit men and the real life hobbit men of Flores that went extinct 12,000 years ago.




It seems people still do not understand.

Timothy Darrow is not real.

Timothy Darrow is played by the actor Richard Brake.

Susan Clemens is not real.

Susan Clemens is played by the actor Miriam Lucia.

Neither of them ever existed outside the pages of these actors scripts or the confines of this mockumentary.





Read More on the Fake Documentary Cannibal in the Jungle and Timothy Darrow Here:

The Cannibal in the Jungle

Wikipedia Entry For Dr Timothy Darrow

To Reiterate!

Was Timothy Darrow Real?

Wiki Homo Floresiensis


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Updated 01/04/2016

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Update – 06/08/2016

New information and further controversy over Homo Floresiensis…

The diminutive “hobbit” species, Homo floresiensis, was recently in the news because of a new analysis that suggested the species predated the arrival of modern humans to the region. But the discovery left a big unanswered question: how did the hobbit fit into the human family tree? A discovery described in today’s issue of Nature helps piece together more about the species’ history, shedding light on its ancestry and suggesting that it was present in Indonesia as early as 700,000 years ago.

Read the whole article here: http://arstechnica.com/science/2016/06/the-hobbit-was-tiny-already-by-700000-years-ago/

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134 thoughts on “Wikipedia Entry For Dr Timothy Darrow”

  1. Animal Planet really went downhill ever since they changed their logo.
    Also I don’t think humans watch ANIMAL PLANET to watch other humans.
    Yet that’s the majority of Animal Planets lineup.

    1. To heck with it …..I’m gonna go ahead and believe it anyway! Sweet dreams……..

      1. Anybody remember the Blair Witch Project…..same scenerio, played off as documentary but all fake haha haha

    1. Shame on you! Here is a man who died in prison after serving 30 years. He never once changed his story, never attempted to eat any if his prison inmates but you believe that he is liar and cannibal! You are no different from the idiot Mr. Kalaam who on camera states that Dr. Timothy Darrow lied to the court. Both you and Kaalam are in the same both awaiting the same fate.

      1. I saw the complete original film on animal planet. The original film of these creatures are truthful and the story of this unfortunate man is real. The camera doesn’t lie especially in 1975. The followup group that went to explore Mr. Darrow claims was met with the same threats and had to go home after inspecting an overnight camera that records somebody cutting off the straps to it. Some of the people leaving a reply are just plain stupid and can’t see the forrest from the trees!

        1. I absolutely assure you the footage is not real.
          The story is not real.
          Ebu gogo are not real.
          Timothy Darrow is not real.
          And you are a sucker if you continue to perpetuate Animal Planet’s bullshit.

          1. “I absolutely assure you…” What kind of shit are you to ensure anything?

  2. I guess the real animals are us, since that’s all u see on ANIMAL Planet! All this fake stuff is getting on my nerves . If they said it was just a movie instead of saying its a real documentary, it would be cool.

    1. Nooo, they can’t do that!
      Step one: make sensational super fake “documentary”
      Step two: tell advertisers we have some super prime ad-slots
      Step three: profit! $$$$

      See, there isn’t a step for telling the truth!

      1. U people are FKin ignorant mehn..fat was real..it was caught on film..Darrow’s footage was eventually sent to his sister who exposed the Indonesian government plot to hide the truth about Ebu Gogo’s exsistance in Flores islands..$$

        1. LIONS TV SHOW n Reggaeboi know fat is a true story about the Ebu Gogo’s n Dr.Timothy Darrow’s in Flores islands of Indonesia..$$

      1. It actually might not have.
        Networks and distributors change the openings and closings of shows on occasion. Most of the time its just a way to compress the show into its time slot.
        I’ve personally seen three slightly different openings for the Megalodon documentary.

        1. Even if it did, they generally don’t come right our and say “this is fake”. They generally make it sound so weird you don’t even know what they’re trying to tell you.
          That’s if they even bothered to have anything at the beginning.
          Don’t feel bad, you’re in good company.

    2. That’s exactly what I was thinking! We are watching this channel to see real stuff not this fake shit. Lol

  3. i get damn sick of watching documentaries, and having to figure out whether they’re fake or not-like the “Mermaids-are-real documentary”-oughta stop that crap

    1. That’s so funny, I was literally just writing about the mermaids are real mockumentary!

      (mermaids the new evidence and mermaids the body found)

      The mockumentary that pissed me off was the Megalodon one during Shark Week. You can’t play off people’s love for new and exciting creatures like that… especially when it’s something that lives in the sea. It’s somewhat cruel and arrogant to play off those positive feelings to make money and then act like everybody who watched it is stupid.

      1. Oh geez! Are you referring to the famed Submarine? Remember when educational programs were educational? My newest dislike is Cryptic, the swamp beast. Worst. Acting. Ever.

        1. Submarine is actually a different documentary! That one was about a giant great white shark! (which didnt exist)
          Megalodon was a prime time show in the Shark Week before Submarine that claimed a giant shark thought extinct was still alive in the deep sea… When in reality it turned out that the entire thing was faked and the mythbusters apparently helped build the megalodon model used to make us all look dumb.

  4. If I had to live with such a happy looking family I’m probably become a little crazy bat nuts too. I believe the family portrait scared me more than the hobbit.

    1. And yet all you could find was this blog! BECAUSE EVERYTHING ON DISCOVERY IS A LIE NOW!
      Yeah but they’re all actors…

  5. If you know God, you would know the TRUTH.
    This is total bullshit.
    Entertain yourself by going to Colorado and smoke POT and count the monkeys in the trees.

    1. 1. There aren’t any monkeys in the trees in Colorado 🙁
      2. I met God, he didn’t tell me anything about Cannibal hobbits!
      3. Life is bullshit.

  6. thanks for wasting two hours of my life I’ll want back on my deathbed. Animal Planet has lost credibility with our family. It would have been nice to have known up front it was fake, It’s a shame you can call it a documentary when it’s not. I guess that makes me a supermodel/

    1. I know, I remember the days when you turned on Discovery and you got documentaries about honey bees and lions and such…
      Now you just get a bunch of mockumentaries!

  7. The Real Mermaid really got me, especially the Barnum & Bailey poster of the coming Mermaid attraction. Glad I had my iPhone to fact check.

    1. Animal Planet and Discovery channel really love to “get us”.
      I’m glad I could do some of the legwork for you guys and fact check their bullsquirt mockumentaries.

  8. Here I thought it was true, until I read all of this. Lol, I don’t normally watch animal planet, but was channel surfing and it looked like it would be interesting, plus nothing else was on!

    1. Switch to National Geographic Wild channel!
      They have some pretty good shows, with a lot less fake stuff!

      1. Thanks for the info, I’ll check that out, national geographic should be creditable. What got me about the AP show was the camera, that wasn’t looked at until 35 years later and the guy was already dead. If I was being charged with double murder, I would have insisted they find the camera and watch the footage, and that would prove his innocence. I actually felt bad for the guy! It was disappointing to find this fake. Oh well, another lesson learned in life.

      2. They are also part and parcel with Discovery/AnimalPlanet/National Geographic same group remember a little skepticism is a good thing.

        1. Discovery and Animal Planet are both owned by the same company while Nat Geo is not…
          However they all have switched to doing much more sensational / ridiculous shows in the last few years… so skepticism is definitely something you wanna keep with you when you turn on one of their shows.


  10. This channel lost our respect and don’t continue watching. I’m single father with 2 teenagers and as educational/discovery of wild life that is vanishing before are eyes.
    I’M TRULY DISAPPOINTED THAT WHOLE SHOW WAS FICTION. To think this was are favorite channel about Animals we admire. 🙁

    1. I find it pretty frustrating.
      It’s so hard to find any good nature shows these days. Animal Planet and Discovery have both moved away from nature shows and almost exclusively do dramatic, sensational, shows these days.
      Like why cant i just watch a documentary on oar fish…
      Why’s it so hard to find one that isnt 5 seconds of footage stretched over an hour with a narrator constantly talking about THE MONSTER OF THE DEEP.

    2. Well Mike,in my personal opinion,I think it’s because all those awesome creatures are becoming exctint so Animal Planet have sweet F A to show us anymore,hence making this complete & utter rubbish….what-d’you-call-that?…Waste of film? Our time? ‘Cause that’s 1h50 of my life I won’t get back,EVEN with the warning @ the start “this is a complete work of fiction” I thought surely…with the word ‘cannibal’ I’m bound to find this ‘interesting’. Nope.
      Might as well watched “Alive”!!!

      1. I’m so pissed I just wasted two hours , thought was interesting but sceptical, but would have herd this story my whole life had it been true , now comes fake documentary on mermaid

  11. I loved it , but felt disappointed when i found out it was fake. Let down really , mainly but my own naivety, I knew it was crap but had this thought what if , but i guess thats what it’s there for .

    1. That’s kinda Animal Planet’s idea when it comes to mockumentaries.
      What if catches people’s imagination much better than what is.
      People love what if’s when it comes to nature.
      What if Megalodon really is alive and just down in the dark depths of the sea… waiting for us to find them…
      What if all those sea monsters the medieval folks talked about really existed…
      And we can’t forget, what ifs make Animal Planet much much more money than a documentary on honey bees.

  12. Timothy Darrow is a liar. Gandalf would never allow hobbits to eat people. Everyone knows they eat tubers and mermaids cause hey, who doesn’t like a little sea food?

  13. Everyone look at the guy who kills batman’s parents in “batman begins” the one with christen bale

    1. I generally agree with that statement.
      Their attitudes towards their viewers needs some serious rethinking.
      A lot of the time I feel like all their prime time shows are just saying “screw you give us $$$”

  14. All u complain about the time u wasted watching it and that u can’t get that time back yet you sit here and waste even more time complaining about it being fake so wat it was fake… Did it not entertain you? Yeah agree tgey should a said it was fake but stop complaint about wasting ur time then keep talking about it all day u obviously don’t Care about ur time I think most u guys like to wine and cry like most people do now a days

    1. Soooo you’re going to whine and cry about people whining and crying???
      People come to this article because they want to KNOW if what they saw was fake or not… when they learn it’s fake, naturally they get upset… which leads to the comments you’re talking about…
      The fact of the matter is people like to know things for certain and don’t like being taken for a ride.

      1. Hi Bill, I see that you’ve been helpful & kind through the entire conversation, ty for that. You’ve also been nice to the ones that are not very nice.This blog has been an interesting one if this were Facebook it would’ve gone sideways by now. This has been a great group. The show was on again today approximately 1 yr later. I just had to know more about this prisoner so I Googled his name and wound up here. I’m not sure you’ll see this since it has been so long. Anyway, I thought it was a waste of time because I chose this show over the ID channel. Other than that, it had very poor acting & only got better toward the end. It was only then that I decided to watch the rest.

        I’m done.
        Today is May 29, 2016

        1. You know… it’s over a year later and I’m still writing about this stuff!
          It’s weird to think about…
          Thanks for your comment Kathy

  15. As a wildlife proffesional filmmaker and supporter of documentary I am horrified at the foolery of this type of programming and the damage it is doing. Mockumemtary does not belong in the realm of naturefilms. It is a sad sight to see that so much effort went into making this production at the expense of its viewers and the name of what once was a prestigious channel.

    1. Awesome, a wildlife filmmaker! This must have been so atrocious for you!
      I imagine it’d give you a weird feeling to think that nature films like your own appear next to completely fake documentaries meant to just rake in $$$

  16. I agree. I tune in to watch something interesting and REAL but am getting pretty tired of the sensationalism in the programming on AP&DISC . What does it say about society when the ones responsible for programming believe that these are the type of shows the public want to see?

    1. I don’t know exactly what it says about society as a whole, but I think it’s pretty clear what it says about the people over at Discovery and Animal Planet who are in charge of this stuff.
      From my point of view it’s like they’re giving everybody the middle finger with one hand while the other is grabbing advertisers pocketbooks $$$$$

    1. Indonesia isn’t protecting anything.
      Indonesia couldn’t care less.
      Because the Cannibal in the Jungle is fictional.

      Although Indonesia does happen to care about the island of Flores where the fictional story was set…
      There’s all kinds of history and tourism on Flores (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flores)

  17. I started to believe the story when I watched it but so disappointing when it was not real.But if it really happened in Tim’s life,I will believe him.My dad told us a story about a mystic creature in our jungle long time ago.They were cannibals.

    1. Timothy Darrow is not real. He is a fictional character that Animal Planet created.

  18. The entire comments are shits unless you have gone to Flores. I’ve been to Flores as a Gold prospectoures back on 2008. several woods are restricted to go into to this issues. So stop bullshit, let’s come to Flores, I will guide for free.

    1. Buddy, Animal Planet tricked you. The Cannibal in the Jungle is a fictional story. It is not real, it is not based on facts, it’s a story made up by TV producers to make money.

  19. I fell for it ! Leg,sock and body. Very similar to the Dyatlov Pass Incident 1959 when nine hikers were killed by the yeti. I fell for Mermaid story when they interviewed the mayor of an Israeli city who verified the incident at Kiryat Yam. Who is to say Lobsang Rampha’s ” Behold the Third Eye” and George Adamski’s experience in Flying Saucers was all fraud? The authors may have been fraud but where did those past memories emerge?
    As Immanuel Kant put it, anything that we as finite creatures can conceive in our minds must by that same logic exist in some form of reality. I believe that “the truth that is out there” is stranger than fiction.

    1. Well… I suppose you’re right in one sense or another…
      But at the end of the day, fiction is fiction.

  20. Como assim o tubarão submarino tbm é falso? Primeiro o hobbit agora isso… É mta revelação para um único dia, oooooooo Deussss porque? porque?… Daqui a pouco vou descobrir que o Sasquate vulgo Pé grande, tbm é falso….. pior descobrir que o documentário Gigants tbm é falso….. pqp.. assim não dá meu…. Esses caras não tem limite… vai no cinema e assassinam o Han Solo… nos quadrinhos assassinam o Phantro de Thundercats , dai o cara desolado resolve ser um documentário …. e Phaaa…. tdo falso… poxa jaja nem ligo mais a Tv…

    1. tudo é um falso documentário nos dias de hoje
      executivos de televisão simplesmente não se importam


  22. If there was a new discovery like of mermaids and hobbits living today, do you think you’d hear it first from discovery or animal planet instead of CNN or MSN??? Think about it, it would be the biggest discovery ever and would be all over the news instead of waiting for discovery or animal planet to make a documentary.

    1. HEY
      You never know
      It could be a corporate conspiracy perpetrated by the hobbit industrial complex

  23. I wondered if he had lost his camera then who was filming them running through the jungle? Kind of like a very watered down “Cannibal Holocaust”. I don’t mind mockumentaries but it would have been better if there was a disclaimer at the start.

    1. *everybody screams* yoU BROKE THE FOURTH WALL AHHHHH

      It definitely would be nice if Animal Planet would include a disclaimer at the beginning

  24. I don’t typically watch Animal Planet but came across this show on a quiet Sunday afternoon and was totally reeled in. Ugh!!!!!!! I thought this was a legit channel… I’m so confused and I guess relieved as I kept thinking how unfair this story was!

    1. The channel goes back and forth honestly. Basically Animal Planet is now 50% River Monsters, 40% vet shows, and 10% other…

  25. I´m hating those mockumentaries… WTH is wrong with Animal Planet and Discovery? They present it as real facts and real events, WHY? I will demand them.. They play my mind.

      1. Yep, Animal Planet said The Cannibal in the Jungle was fake on their website when it came out… however if it weren’t for Google’s magnificent search engine as well as me researching it on everybody’s behalf we wouldn’t know that… and to top it off, they did not mention that it was fake in the actual show.

  26. actually tims version of the story was verified. the camera they had left behind was found with the evidence of sush creature unfortunately 9 months after his death

  27. Just saw this on the german channel Dmax. They were decent enough to add a note at the end stating that this is a complete work of fiction, but I believe it was added in German by Dmax, since I didn’t see it in English anywhere.
    Anyway, the way it was done was very believable. I guess saying outright that it was fake wouldn’t produce the required effect of keeping people tuned in.
    The general direction that Documentary channels are taking is worrying. You either get fake documentaries like this one, reality shows like all that survival crap or those auction shows.
    History Channel, Disvovery, AP, NG, etc. are all a waste of time now. So much for culture.

    1. Hey that’s great to hear! I think we can call that progress! I guess perhaps German networks are either a little more interested in their viewers satisfaction or that they saw the mistakes American networks made and decided to add the note.

      And I couldn’t agree with you more both about why they don’t tell people it’s fake in the beginning or the general direction documentary / science / nature channels have gone in.

      As for the cultural aspect… Sometimes I think old fashioned networks get confused… I think they see the big viewer numbers from sensationalist stuff like the Cannibal in the Jungle and all the extra ad money that comes with it and they go ‘this is what people want more of’ even though their viewers all hated it and are pissed off because they feel lied to… the networks live in a bubble almost and just either can’t get the feedback they need or don’t care. So that’s, perhaps, why our TVs will not stop with all the Naked and Afraids and dumb auctions shows and ‘alaskan people’ shows.

  28. I am fed up with being misled by the channels that I used to watch for educational and reliable programming about the natural world. The first mockumentary by which I was deceived was Mermaids. I swallowed the information presented in that program hook, line, and sinker, and I was furious when I later found that it was basically a movie. I felt stupid. How could I fall for it? Then followed Megalodon and Cannibal in the Jungle, both of which where conceptually believable. I viewed both of these with skepticism, however, after the Mermaids deception. The bottom line is that I no longer look to Discovery, Animal Planet, etc., for informative, reliable, educational programming. For me, these channels have lost almost all credibility by failing to disclose that these documentaries are really mockumentaries. (This type of disclosure should be a requirement in the film/entertainment industry (like truth in advertising).) I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, however, considering the general state of programming today (for example, Duck Dynasty – Really??? or that show about the swamp people who hunt and kill alligators – who wants to see that? It’s cruel and inhumane! What happened to alligators being a protected species? Do we really have to put this on TV?) The bottom line is that there should be some responsibility in programming. There isn’t. Sadly, it’s all about what brings in ad revenue. What the producers forget, however, is that to bring in ad revenue, there have to be viewers, and when programming quality declines, whether by the presentation of deceptive programming or by just presenting garbage programming, viewers look elsewhere, numbers decline, and the advertisers put their ad dollars elsewhere.

    1. I think they decided that quality content doesn’t get them as good of ratings as sensationalist bullsquirt a couple years ago… so… you get things like The Cannibal in the Jungle.

  29. Woah man dis is so lame! Screw AP…It felt so real dat I decided not to go anywhere near Indonesia if dere r hobbits…Now I feel so dumb…

  30. I enjoyed watching it, I was totally entrained, Don’t care if it real or fake, Looked real to me when iI was watching it

    1. Me too… But is this possible for a big channel to create such a fake story?
      Well….. i think its a real story. I am scared…. Wooooo!!!!

    1. Haha your wife is in good company. Oodles of people have been fooled by this mockumentary.

  31. To know the truth just go to bali island,indonesia and go to kerobokan prison and ask.the.warden.is.there an inmate who died on 2013 named.timothy darrow he was charged for a double homicide and canibalism on 1977 in flores i guess they would tell the right information or simply googled the number and call for info lol indonesian people are nice and friendly especialy to a tourist cheerrrrrrssss!

    1. Don’t have to.

      Timothy Darrow is a fictional character played by an actor… the entire story is fictional… The Cannibal in the Jungle is a mockumentary… a fake documentary meant to appear real.

      That is the truth.

    1. It makes me wonder if these are tests by our government to see how much crap they can feed us and people will believe it. Look out folks, we are being played with and nothing is as it seems.

      1. Well, probably not by the government… but definitely by TV networks. You have to remember they’ve created a circular logic for themselves… they create a sensational, absurd, show to draw in more viewers, they get more viewers simply because the claims are so insane, ratings show more viewers. TV networks are then encouraged to make more and more insane shows because they’re only looking at the numbers not WHY people are watching.

      2. You’re absolutely right I am so uphold I thought that shit was true I cried like a baby thinking that that was such a sad and tragic story that was effed up !

    2. Fair point… I kind of think the difference is more in budget. Syfy doesn’t have viewers expecting them to have fancy shows / movies… they’re okay with lower quality stuff with fun stories. Animal Planet has to have the budget to make their fake documentary look like a real one.

  32. I so enjoyed the mockumentary about Tim Darrow (a fictional character). Great to see on Halloween, as it is creepy no doubt. Yes, it is not a true story, but it is a SCARY story. Really fun!

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