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What is a mockumentary?

So, what is a mockumentary?

Well a mockumentary is a fake documentary that has been made to look and feel like a real documentary… So it’s a “mock” documentary you see.

You’ll find mockumentaries on Animal Planet, Discovery, and the History Channel.

Often times, they’ll use deceptive phrasing during the introduction to make it sound real while also not disclosing the documentary is fake.

A good example of a mockumentary is Megalodon… Discovery didn’t really disclose it was fake in the intro so for awhile everybody thought Megalodon was still alive.

A more recent example is The Cannibal in the Jungle, which premiered this Spring on Animal Planet, which never explained that it is completely fake.


List of Mockumentaries from Discovery and Animal Planet

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7 thoughts on “What is a mockumentary?”

  1. Mockumentary – a truthy documentary
    Related: News channel, a term used to describe an entertainment show masquerading as truthful disclosures

    It’s all about the profits

    1. Well, I’ve felt for awhile now that these TV networks don’t exactly care about their viewers… and since the only question with making mockumentaries is a moral one… why be moral when you don’t care about the people effected?

    2. And of course they feel that aren’t lying, they include notices at the beginning or end of the show. The fact that those notices aren’t understandable seems to be lost on them though…

      1. thank you very much for your replay. i don’t always as many viewers may not note what is on the bottom of these programs. the time darrow docu was presented completely as if it were a 100% factual case. it is incredible that these stations have just started lying to worldwide viewers.

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