Dr Timothy Darrow during his prison sentence in Indonesia.

How long was Timothy Darrow in Prison in Indonesia?

How long was Timothy Darrow imprisoned in Indonesia you ask?


Timothy Darrow spent exactly 0 months in prison for the cannibalistic acts he committed on the Indonesian island of Flores! He got away with it the scoundrel!!!

How did Darrow get away with eating people you ask!?!!


Just kidding.

Timothy Darrow didn’t spend any time in jail because Timothy Darrow is not real. The Cannibal in the Jungle is fictional, nobody was ever imprisoned for a crime like this in Indonesia, and there are no cannibal hobbit men in the jungle of the Indonesian Island of Flores.

The Cannibal in the Jungle is just a mockumentary. What is a mockumentary?


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8 thoughts on “How long was Timothy Darrow in Prison in Indonesia?”

  1. you know the jungle have secrets maybe he is forced to do that.
    i hear he is still in prison, i don’t know when he is arrested

    1. Timothy Darrow was never arrested because Timothy Darrow is not real. In the fake documentary, he’s still in prison… in real life, well he doesn’t exist in real life does he.

    2. this is something tats true not a fake.He died during his jail term failling to defend himself b coz his vdo camera cannot be found in those days, but now tat it is recover as i ve seen it n observe it carefully for more than 10 times…i am 100 percnt sure its a true story but not a fake story……

  2. Why can’t these channels be trusted to do real documentaries. There is enough happenings in this world past and present to entertain us forever!

    1. Because the 90’s are dead. Apparently it’s too much work for Animal Planet to just let us watch a bee documentary. Everything has to be sensational nonsense. Now if there’s a bee documentary, it’s about MONSTER BEES !!! BEES FROM HELL !!! Killers of the buzzing variety !!!

  3. @ Steve , actually your incorrect , the Documentary explained timothy died in prison in 2013 , 9 months before the discovery of the actual 8mm footage of beings that would match the Island Legends and the 2004 Discovery of a new Humanoid Species , the Scientist making that 2004 Discovery lead the Expedition to locate evidence that perhaps Timothys story in 1977 may have been the truth.

  4. n there are many more true stories about aliens sorrounding the earth -500km (space) tats been conceal byour world leaders for our own benefit.

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