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Good Nature Documentaries  Currently on Netflix  – 03/14/2015

So Netflix’s nature documentary offerings are pretty weak. Especially if you want some high quality ocean stuffs.

But the various Wildest documentaries are pretty good. The best has to be Wildest Africa… The narration can be annoying and some of the footage across the Wildest series is repetitive and melodramatic (splicing crocodile footage in to make it seem like various animals are in imminent danger)

Wildest Africa

Season One (2010)
Episode One – Okavango

Episode Two – Namibia

Episode Three – Ngorongoro

Episode Four – Zambezi

Season Two (2011)
Episode One – Nile: An African Odyssey

Episode Two – Virungas: Land of Ice and Fire

Episode Three – Madagascar: Island of Monsters

Episode Four – Mount Kenya: African Heart of Ice

Episode Five – Cape Coast: Where Worlds Collide

Episode Six – Congo: The Untamed Heart

Episode Seven – Sahara: Life on the Edge

Episode Eight – Lake Turkana: Land of the Crocodile

Episode Nine – Ethiopia: Land of Extremes

Wildest Islands

Season One (2012)

Episode One  – Zanzibar: Land of Giants

Episode Two – The Caribbean: The Wild Side of Paradise

Episode Three – Galapagos: Darwin’s Eden

Episode Four – Sri Lanka: Monsoon Islands

Episode Five – The Hebrides: Land of Legends

Season Two (2013)

Episode One – Japan: Land of Extremes

Episode Two – Amazon River Islands: The Floating Forests

Episode Three – Vancouver Island: Rivers of Life

Episode Four – Philippines: Islands of Mystery

Episode Five – Falkland Islands: Penguin Paradise

Wildest Arctic (2012)

Episode One – Arctic Ocean: The Frozen Sea

Episode Two – Taiga: The Frozen Forests

Episode Three – Tundra: Desert of Ice

Episode Four – Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice

Wildest Middle East (2014)

Episode One – Turkey

Episode Two – Egypt

Episode Three – Jordan

Episode Four – Caspian

Episode Five – Arabia


Update! (06/07/2015)

For more specific information about great nature documentaries on Netflix, see our new posts about Wildest Latin America

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