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Skynet is Here – 2016 and Beyond


The fellows at Breaking Defense kindly rounded up the beginnings of our future Skynet for us all to read and reflect on in the new year!

How does war change when your weapons can think? Do you trust a computer to decide when and whom to kill? Questions once asked only in science fiction are now becoming matters for policymakers. All four armed services are experimenting with artificial intelligence in every domain: land, sea, air, outer space, cyberspace, and the all-pervasive electromagnetic spectrum. While robots are still halting and limited on land, they are showing striking potential in less cluttered environments. Indeed, the most powerful and dangerous artificial intelligences may not be Terminators that walk abroad, but invisible algorithms that control what we see and how we make decisions.

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So there’s some fun reading for you in the new year… learn about all the ways the machines of the future will kill us all. Hope is overrated anyways. Technological doom and gloom is the way to go. Maybe I’ll marathon all of the Terminator movies for new years eve… get into the spirit of things you know…


Pink Ink’s Skynet Commentary

Below you’ll find our own list on the rise of Skynet… fun!

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A Whisper in the Machines… RYAN Can Hear the Beginning of Nuclear War

batten down the hatches said Skynet’s gran-pappy… there’s a war on you know…

Defense News / Engineering / Strategy

If you’re interested in reading about defense then this is the perfect opportunity for you to add Breaking Defense to your reading list…

Instead of being a mixture of political news and big defense company advertisements… Breaking Defense generally focuses on strategy and equipment. Which is a lot more enjoyable for people interested more in the engineering and technical aspects than the killy part.

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